Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What is Street Fashion?
It's style created by youth culture - mostly by young people on the streets of large urban areas. They don't necessarily follow what's "in" but they often put together outfits that reflect their personality and mood. And since since they create an outfit based completely on their persona, it looks really good because they feel comfortable in it! It is usually a bit eclectic - very mixed but up-to-date. 
How do I achieve Street Style?
You'll have to experiment and express yourself with pieces that reflect your personality.
Street Fashion is all about looking simple, showing personality and having fun!
Pink Tank Top-HerBench
Gray Top-Penshoppe
Denim Shorts-Bench
Pink Flats-SM Parisian
Ballet Necklace-Forever21 

Got this Canon EOS 550D. An 18.0 megapixel digital single-lens reflex camera. 
The Canon 550D has the best implementation of video on a digital SLR yet, and matches it with excellent still image quality.

“Owning a DSLR camera does not make you a professional photographer.” & “Posing in front of a DSLR camera does not make you a model.” -Marj Ramos (

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