Thursday, January 12, 2012

Online Shopping at ROMWE

Sickness for almost a week? Yes! I got sick and it all started on Friday. I had fever, bad cough and stuffy nose. During the week, my fever gone up and down. I don't want to just stay in my bed so, I made this productive as I could. And online shopping is a must! I shopped at ROMWE after seeing new items posted on their site.

Yellow Lattice Lapel Detachable Collar $9.99

 Retro Multi-element Beaded Bracelet $9.99


$19.98/Php 878.72 is the total amount of  the items I've purchased. I'm so excited to wear these items and blog about them. 

xx, Charmagne Ramos


  1. do they ship directly to your house? or you have to pick it up pa sa postal office? i'm curious :D

    1. Read this:

      xx, Charmagne Ramos